We learnt how to look up new words.

First we wrote what our prior knowledge about drums is. One piece of information about drums is: Drums are an instrument. The information for the south pacific is: The south pacific an ocean.

Next we started to define difficult words from the book called South Pacific Beats. We use Wordhippo and Wordsmyth.

Lastly we started to find synonyms and antonyms of the word. Synonyms is a word that has a similar meaning to the other word. Antonyms is the opposite of the word. We started to find or draw a picture that matched the word. We also had to write a sentence with the word in it.

I enjoyed this task because we found lots of drums that we did not knew. I need to improve on writing the antonyms. I did well on finding the synonym for the word because there was more synonym than antonyms.

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