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HPE/Long Jump

I learned how to jump long.

First we revised what skills we need to run fast and started to practise running. When the coach said on your mark, we have to step to the starting line, get set is to get into position and lift our back foot up, go we run.

Next we learned how to jump long. We run, push our back leg forward, and jump and land on a motorbike stance. We don’t want to lean back because you will fall backwards, because it mark you head not your foot. We had to jump outside of the cone to practise the motorbike stance.

Lastly we had to do the long jump. The first line was 1 points, the second line was 2 points, and the third line was 3 points. We ran and jumped and I made it to the second line, We did it 2 or 3 more times.

I enjoyed this because I learned how to long jump. I did well on jumping. I need to improve on running.


I learnt how sprint.

First we play a warm up game called rabbits and rats. The coach called out rats or rabbit the name that he calls will have to run to there side and the name that he didn’t call will have to chase the person before they reach the line.

Next we played a game of tic tac toe. In the game there were two teams with three cones each, The two teams had to try and connect a three. The coach was trying to look for people with speed, and how smart they are where to put it.

Then we did boys all the boys vs eachother. The coach said on your mark get set and go. Everyone else had a headstart because I was still getting ready but I still came first in the race. Then we watched the girls race each other.

Lastly, we did relay races. Riley came first so we had a head start of running to the other side. We came first in the relay race.

I enjoyed this activity because I got to do sprints. I did well on catching up to people when they had a head start. I need to improve on focusing on me rather than the others behind me.



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