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Whale Tail

I drawed my digtal whale on a paper.

First we practise shading the colours to make it gradient.

Next I drew the design on the whale tail paper.

Lastly I coloured in the colours.

I enjoyed drawing my digtal whale tail on a picse of paper. I did well on colouring, I need to improve on drawing.

Anzac Quatrefoil

I created a Quatrefoil about Anzac.

First I had to make a quatrefoil about Anzac. Anzac stands for Australia New Zealand Army Corps.

Next I use shapes to make the person, the gun and the cross. We also had to plan our colours, space, and our shpaes or symbols.

Lastly we made our design.

Whale Tails

I made a digital whale tails.

First we learnt about whales.

Next we created a digital whale tail. We made our design figurative instead of  Literal. Figurative is drawings that represents something and not showing the real picture. Literal is a drawing that is really showing the real thing.

Lastly we explained what our whale tail means and what the shape and the colours mean.

I enjoyed this task because I made a digital whale tail. I did well on explaining what the shapes of my whale tails means. I need to improve on explaining what the colours mean.

Anzac Quatrefoil

I created a quatrefoil about Anzac.

First I measured the height of the detailof the quatrefoil so it could fit in the quatrefoil paper.

Next I drew lightly for each detail of the quatrefoil to the quatrefoil paper.

Lastly I coloured the quartrefoil red, black and grey. I drew the cross black, a person, a gun black, a grave grey, and a cricle black and the outside red.

I enjoyed this creating an Anzac quatrefoil because I haven’t made an Anzac quatrefoil. I did well on drawing the detail of the quatrefoil because I am good at drawing. I need to improve on colouring because it keeps on going outside the line.

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