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Inquiry – Explaining the Parts

I learnt how to explain the part of my tranport.

First I wrote the intordution of my transport.

Lastly I wrote my Explaintion of my transport and explain the parts of my transport.

I enjoyed this because I explain my transport. I did well on explain the part of my Transport. I need to improve on writing the intordution.

Designing Transport

I learnt how to design my own transport.

First we brainstormed Pros and cons of a car and a Horsecart and how we would fix the cons of a car and a Horsecart. For example: One of a con of a car is the gas expenses. One of a con for a Horsecart is: the horse will have to stop to eat.

Next we made a list of cons and pros of a Horse and Cart vs Modern Car, Early Aeroplane vs Modern Airplane, Early Canoe vs Modern Boat, and a Steam Train vs Electric Train. I used some of the cons to design my car.

Lastly we designed our Transport and labeled the parts of the Transport. I used the Transport: Air, Land, Rail, and Sea in one vehicle.

I enjoyed this because I Designed a Transport. I did well on Designing the Transport. I need to improve on labeling the parts of my Transport.

Car Timeline

Cars are a type of transport that can travel on land. They are used to travel people from place to place. The first car was made in 1769. It was powered by steam. It did’nt work for very long. It could only work for 10 mineutes. The 2 car that was invented was powered by gas. This could last for 1 – 3 hours.

There are many cars that have been had a new feture to the car for example. 2022 was the first car to be on auto pilot or in 2010 was the first car that had winged doors. winged doors are doors that open like a wing.

Cars are vehicles that can travel on land.


I learnt how rails benifit people and what a steak holder is.

First I learnt what a steak holder is. A steakholder is a person who creates somthing to invest in it expecting lots a money.

Next I learnt how trains benifit people. Trains benifit people by less traffic. less people driving around. No traffic lights on the train track so that means no traffic.

Lastly I wrote 10 facts about trains.

I enjoyed this because I learnt types of vehicle that go on rail. I did well on making the dlo. I need to improve on the explaing.

Inquiry – Sea

The sea transport is used to travel on sea. For example: Floaty, Ship, and a Jet Ski.

Cons for a Ship: The sail make goes in different direction. A lot of people on the ship. You could get lost. Pros for a Ship: The ship is big. There are rooms. The Ship can hold lot of people.

Cons for a Jet ski: The jet ski is expensive. The Summer Makes Prices Go Up. You can’t drive past sunset. Pros for a Jet ski: A jet ski is fast. Jet Ski fuel are cheap. Prices for used ones go down in the winter months. It is easy to clean.

The sea transport is to travel place to place on sea.


There are diffrent kind of Air Transport. For example: Jet, Hot air balloon, and a helicopter.

In 19 September 1783 the first hot air balloon was made by the Montgolfier brothers.

In September 14, 1939 – 1945 the first helicopter was made by Igor Sikorsky.

In 1418 – 1500 Leonardo da vinci designed a model glider. His dream is to fly and he is a famous artist.

Air transport helps us travel to long distances.


The first gasoline car was invented by Karl benz. Tesla is own by Elon Musk.

The first gasoline car steering wheel was called steering column and the car was made out of a horse cart.

Tesla has windshield to protect the driver or passenger from wind and has a side mirror to help the driver to look behind.

The first gasoline car is called benz patent motorwagen. Tesla are powered by electric and a roof to protect people from the rain.

Modes of Transport

I learnt what Modes of Transport are. There are 4 modes Modes of Transport, Land, Sea, Air, and Rail.

First we brainstromed ideas of vehicle in each type on a piece of paper in groups of 4. For Example: Land, Car, Bus, and Bikes. Air, Airplane, Jet, and Helicopter. Rail, Bullet Train, Train, and Roller Coaster. Sea, Boat, Ship, and Jet Ski.

Next we Made a google slide of Land, Air, Rail, and Sea.

Lastly we needed to find a picture that is one of the modes of transport and needed to attribute. To attribute you need to find image name, the authors name, the source, and the license. We had to write what we know about Transportion and wrote a list of vehicle in there section.

I enjoyed this because I learned about Modes of Transport. I did well on attributing the image. I need to improve on writing the exaplaintion.

Filming Skit

We filmed our skit about how hard work pays off.

First, we practised our skit using all of the props. We had to use money as our prop so that the rich character could give it to the poor character, we only had 40 minutes to practise. We didn’t need that much time because we finished our script early and got to practise beforehand.

Lastly, we filmed our skit, we had to restart many times because people kept coming in our video. Our skit was really good. We need to get rid of the wind 

I enjoyed this because we finished filming our skit. I did well on saying the words. I need to improve on my confidence.



I practise my skit with my group.

First we brainstorm our ideas of good messages on a paper. For example: hard work always pays off, keep trying, be yourself, and treat people the way you want to be treated. we chose a message, our message was hard work always pays off.

Next we made a skit structure, and wrote the characters, and the script. My character was chad.

Lastly we practise out script and act it.

I enjoyed this because I learned how to say the my script. I did well on saying my script. I need to improve on writing the messages.